Daily Archives: March 29, 2016

Fun With Photofunia

All right – so I just discovered that my blog ONLY holds a certain amount of images. SO – every time that I put an image in one of my blog entries I lose an image off of an earlier blog.

I could fix this by signing up for a paid WordPress page – but right now I am on a serious budget.

So – I am going to put another image up.

It gives me a certain feeling of power – like that dude in the life boat who says – “Okay, we cook the fat fellow next. Somebody tear up a few chunks of wood off of the side of the life boat and we’ll have ourselves a cooking fire.”

This is a picture I built over at Photofunia.


I’ve put it up on my Facebook page and I’m going to use it as a Tweet. I have to admit, the thought of my book cover hanging in an art gallery kind of tickles me pink. Of course, sooner or later somebody would run out of wall space and put my cover into the backroom, behind a mop bucket and a half-melted mannequin.

And – if anyone is curious – you can pick up a copy of TATTERDEMON over at Amazon.

The book is available for free through Kindle Unlimited – IF you are a member of that program.

Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon