Choose Your Own Adventure: Reflections on Kindle Scout

I’m still waiting to hear from Kindle Scout on my submission, KELPIE DREAMS, and the suspense is killing me.

While I’m waiting why don’t you guys take a look at what noted author THE BEHRG has to say about his experiences with Kindle Scout?

The Behrg Writes

Remember those books from the eighties, “Choose Your Own Adventure?”

You’d read the first three or four pages and then have a decision to make for your adventurers, one which lead to page five, the other to page 219. Each decision from there would continue to leap through the book until your characters either died (the most frequent conclusion) or you found a happy ending (there weren’t many).

I devoured these books as a kid, but I would literally earmark every page that wound down different paths so that I could go back and follow them all. I wanted to live every option, follow every path to its conclusion. Probably one of the reasons I love being a writer — I can live different lives, follow different paths, ones that I would never otherwise choose.

Dollarphotoclub_90825469.jpgThe journey of an author is much like these books from the eighties. There is…

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2 responses to “Choose Your Own Adventure: Reflections on Kindle Scout

  1. Thanks Steve for sharing a little of my journey!
    Still have my fingers and toes crossed for Kelpie Dreams — they’re turning purple, but I’ll lose them if I have to till we find out. 🙂


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