50 Days Published…

This is a pretty good example of how it can be done.

Evan Pickering is DEFINITELY somebody to watch for down the road.

Evan Pickering - Author

7339375138_96faf04975_b Will The Last of Us ever stop being a source of awesomeness? I think not.

I’m 50 days in to my 90 day Kindle Select contract for HOOD: Book 1 of the American Rebirth Series.

As of 6:40pm, today:

7908e0cf6b2a342feb83eb2d44e0cccb Can you guess where my 6 day Countdown deal was? 😀

I’m pretty damn pleased with the results. I’ll admit I long to go multi-platform, but I’ve had such success with my book on Kindle Unlimited, I can’t see myself taking it off of Select.

Both graphs seem to be steadily climbing (I pray the trend continue) but the growth rate of my KU reads seems even higher.

I wish I could ascertain how much of my ranking was based on sales and how much on KU lends:


Obviously, if taking off select would drop my ranking significantly, I think it would be foolish to do.

Also: HOORAY #26 and

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3 responses to “50 Days Published…

  1. Thanks for the share dude! I appreciate the kind words. I’ve got an update post of the first full 90 days up now 🙂


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