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500 hours hot and trending!

1,524 page views.

I am still hot today. In fact, I am so hot that Smokey the Bear e-mailed me a paper bag and asked me to put it over my own face because “Only YOU can prevent forest fires”. I am so hot that Greenpeace has been picketing my bathroom mirror as being a primary cause of global warming. I am so hot that I can break a thermometer at ten long paces. The trees in my backyard are hoping for hound dogs and praying for rain. I wear Hawaiian shirts and Speedo swim trunks and call it winter wear – I AM THAT FREAKING HOT!

My book is doing pretty good today as well.

This is the sweet time. I’ve got two three days left and KELPIE DREAMS is showing up in several of the Kindle Scout lists = including the YOU-DON’T-HAVE-MUCH-LONGER-TO-VOTE-FOR-THIS list. The system is working for me. Lady Luck is winking suggestively in my direction. Faith has begun her final aria and my heart is thumping to the tune of “I think I can, I think I can.”

Let’s take a peek at the orange bars.

March 1 2016

Kind of looks like a Florida orange sales report, doesn’t it?

That’s all I have got for you today.

At this point in the game I am most likely going to hang on for the ride.

Kelpie Dreams shows up prominently on the Kindle Scout front page, and that seems to be drawing some heat in my direction. I am also part of a March sales promotion and I’ve just sent out my newsletter this morning asking for a few more nominations.

By this weekend Kelpie Dreams will be sitting upon the digital desk of the Gods of Kindle Scout, awaiting their final verdict.

I won’t tell you that the waiting isn’t nerve-wracking – but I figured out an awful long time ago that writing is nothing more than waiting misspelled.

I intend to get back to work upon my next manuscript which has been patiently waiting through days of days of “I’m going to get around to it” excuses.

Wish me luck.


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Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon