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I am down to five days left – which I think means six days left, because there is always that last day where it says LAST DAY LEFT. Good thing mathematics isn’t my strong point.

It is coming down to the crunch time and I really ought to start letting go and making peace with this whole campaign – but right now the little orange bars calm me slightly, even though I know that H&T isn’t the only factor – or even the most important factor in my book making the grade or not. My past sales figures are DEFINITELY an important part of the judging process – and I am pretty sure that compared to most indie authors out there I truly suck. I sell maybe one or two e-books every day – which I am worried is going to weigh against me.

Still, what I am hoping is that the amount of time I spend upon the H&T and showing up on that Kindle Scout front page is going to bring me some new readers, folks who are already well-accustomed to the Kindle Scout scene. I am hoping that this new direction – away from horror and towards paranormal romance adventure – is going to work in my favor as well.

At least that is the plan.

Plan A

Oh man – does this mean I am going to have to learn how to spell?

In the meantime, you can read a lot more about me in a brand new interview over at the Speculative Fiction Showcase!

And lastly here is a look at all of those bright orange bars.

February 27 2016

That’s 441 hours on the Hot & Trending List with 1416 page views in total for all of you statistically-minded folks out there!

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