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How To Finally Write Your First Book – In Three Damn Easy Steps


Source: How To Finally Write Your First Book – In Three Damn Easy Steps


All right – so there is ELEVEN DAYS LEFT in my Kindle Scout campaign.

What more can I tell you folks?

Now THAT is a question that an author has to face time and time again.

Some folks call it a dry spell. Others call it writer’s block.

Sooner or later every writer on the planet hits that wall where they ask that question – “What more can I tell you?”

Well – let me tell you that as of today KELPIE DREAMS has been on the HOT & TRENDING list for 304 hours and it has been viewed 1,136 times. That is an awful lot of people who have taken a look and even nominated my book.

It kind of brings up a lump in my throat.

I am so intensely grateful right now.

February 21 2016

There is is.

All of those big shiny orange bars lined up like so many birthday candles on a cake.

Unfortunately, the folks at Kindle Scout don’t show me how many folks have ACTUALLY nominated Kelpie Dreams – all that they show are the views – which is how many people clicked over and LOOKED at my book. Somehow there vast mechanical system throws all of those figures together – the views plus the nominations plus how many people bothered to read the whole excerpt – and they come up with Hot & Trending.

I have noticed one thing.

On days when I get a LOT of views I get a LOT of hours on the Hot & Trending list.

So views DO count.

I feel a little like one of those horse track experts looking at the direction of the wind and the condition of the race track and the shape of the horse’s butt and how many pimples the jockey is sporting on that particular morning and weighing all of these vague and intangible considerations before placing a bet.

I feel like a math student, heading for Las Vegas, sure in my heart of hearts that I have worked out the perfect system and am going to come home with a trunk load of money.

The funny thing is that I have felt this way my entire life.

Sometimes that is all the faith that a fellow really needs.

In the meantime, if you want to know a little bit more about how to set up a winning Kindle Scout campaign, why don’t you take a look at what indie author The Behrg has to say about it.

You ought to pay attention to that fellow. A while back he actually ran a successful campaign for his dark suspense novel, HOUSEBROKEN, and he has obviously been pleased enough with the Kindle Scout system to take another shot at launching his second Kindle Scout campaign.

I wish him good luck and meanwhile I am going to keep on trucking.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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