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Okay – so it is Saturday morning and I have a day full of chores around the house ahead of me. That is the problem with day jobs. All of the household chores save themselves for the weekend. I know, I know – this morning’s update is about as breathlessly exciting as last night’s Bellator MMA Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000 fight.



UFC President Dana White is all “Really Steve? Is that the best freaking opening metaphor that you could come up with?”

For those folks who did not watch the fight it has been described as “two drunk uncles having it out at the family reunion barbecue”.

Somebody else said that the fight was living proof that the movie GRUDGE MATCH was the real deal.

There is always that point that a fellow has to be careful that he does NOT stay too long at the gig.

In marathon running they call it “hitting the wall” – an actual physical condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, bringing about sudden massive fatigue and a complete loss of energy.

hitting the wall

Well, in a way I am kind of feeling that this morning.

It is Day 17 and I have got THIRTEEN more freaking days to go.

Thirteen days to jump up and down and wave my sign that says NOMINATE THIS BOOK and try to appear fresh and invigorated.

And brother – it gets old.

But there you go.

Some days you are thinking to yourself – “Damn it, I am invincible. I am NEVER going to be over the hill!”

Other days your thoughts run somewhere more along the lines of – “Damn it. I am NEVER going to be over the hill because I am TOO DAMN TIRED to climb it!”

But there’s that hill.

And we’ve all got to climb it.

So – when you set out to launch your very own Kindle Scout campaign keep this in mind. You are going to hid that midway freaking wall and you need to be ready for it.

Today I am trying to come up with a guest blog for somebody who asked me and I am pumping sand out of a dried-up waterhole.

I truly wish that I had me a few more pre-written guest blogs that I could turn to. If I had it all to do over again I would have pushed just a little bit a little bit earlier while I was still all a tingle with excitement and maybe written two or three guest blog entries that I could turn to when the going got tough.

That is all the advice that I have for you today.

Thirty days doesn’t seem like a long time but when you are talking about a thirty day stretch of daily blog entries talking about the same darned thing – KINDLE SCOUT – well, you need to be ready for that. Even if you aren’t planning on blogging it daily like I am doing -and this REALLY is a sort of voluntary self-inflicted punishment on my part – you are going to hit this wall and either say to yourself “Well to heck with it, let the chips fall where they may” or else you are going to dig a little deeper and come up with something that will keep your campaign fresh for the next two weeks.

Wish me luck.

Here is today’s tally.

I’ve got 24 more hours on the HOT & TRENDING list, as well as 82 views. That brings me to 280 hours in the HOT & TRENDING and 1084 views.

February 20 2016

And yup – I already noticed that Kindle Scout cannot count beyond 1K.

If anybody is looking for me I’ll be down here on my knees trying to dig myself a tunnel from today until Day 30!


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yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon