Daily Archives: February 19, 2016


Thank God it is Friday.

I am back on the HOT & TRENDING list thanks to some rhino-style tactics and the help of all of you good folks who have nominated my book.

This morning I have got thirteen days left and have accumulated a total of 256 hours on the HOT & TRENDING list as well as a total of 1000 views.

Kindle Scout February 19

That’s more like it.

I don’t know about you – but there is something uber-cool and geekishly wonderful about cracking that 1K viewpoint. It probably doesn’t mean diddly-squat – but there is still this ten year old inside of me who is jumping up and down shaking a pair of pink, plum and pimentio colored pom-poms to the tune of WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

So how have I done this?

Well, the HeadTalker must have done something – although I still am only guessing because, as I mentioned before, HeadTalker statistics do not show up SPECIFICALLY upon the Kindle Scout tally board.

Still, I have had my second-busiest viewing days yesterday – and so far the majority of my traffic comes from Facebook.

I have two more blog appearances coming up and hopefully they will kick a little bit more life into the campaign over this second half. At this point I am ready to see this over and done with. Still, a friend of mine over at Twitter remarked that I must be looking wistfully back at the days when I only had to deal with agents and such.

I do NOT miss that.

The fact was an agent could keep me waiting just as long and a publisher can keep you waiting even longer for a simple yes or no decision. There’s nothing wrong with that – and in fact I am working on a submission for my traditional publisher – but I still am very pleased that with Kindle Scout I only need to wait the thirty days and then about a week after that before they tell me “Yes, we love you Steve and we want to publish your book.” or “My golly, is that my feet or your writing that stinks so bad?”

I figure that I will know by early March.

If Kindle Scout does NOT love me – well, then I will fall back upon Plan B and release it independently and move on.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon