Daily Archives: February 18, 2016


There are days when a fellow just has to put his head down and charge straight on ahead.

I call that rhino-thinking.

Rhino 1

This is a rhino.

There is a time for careful thinking and planning and measuring things out and then there is a time when you just have to put the full-tilt-boogie pedal down to the floorboards and move straight on ahead.

Rhino 4

THIS is a rhino.

There are days when a fellow needs a to-do list with ONE single item on the top of the list that reads “Go like crazy”.

Rhino thinking.

Rhino 3

This is a cute rhino.

There is nothing wrong with careful and thoughtful planning – but there are days when you give in to too much thought you fall into a big old pit full of procrastination.

a quote

(can I hear an amen?)

So today I do not have any time for careful thinking or planning – in spite of the fact that I probably burned up about fifteen minutes hunting for rhino photographs.

Rhino 5

I’m sorry but this is NOT a freaking rhino!

So I do not have any carefully thought words of wisdom for you blog followers today – all three of you, including my cat.

Rhino 2

Insert Mission Impossible music here!

All that I can tell you is no matter whether you are trying to launch a blog entry, a Kindle Scout campaign, bake a pizza, or just mount a rhino – (and don’t you wonder if the above photograph isn’t the REAL reason why rhinos are damn near extinct? – sometimes the very best way to approach a situation is one foot after the other and repeat.

Rhino thinking.

Somedays, I recommend it highly.

blog entry

Yesterday I was 0 for 0. Absolutely zero hours on the Hot & Trending list. I knew that it was coming and I also KNOW that it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world. I’ve got enough H&T mojo to make sure that isn’t a factor in my acceptance and or rejection by the gods of Kindle Scout.

Still, my male ego keeps reminding me that if I had only tried just a little harder maybe I could have squeezed one single hour out of yesterday – but there you go now, don’t you?

All that I know is this.

Yesterday – REALLY humped the rhino.

My HeadTalker goes live in a couple of hours.

Let’s see what happens next.

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yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon