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The last couple of days were some of our coldest of the winter and I think it might have slipped into my Kindle Scout campaign. The morning update hasn’t gone live yet but I feel like I slipped out of the H&T list briefly. My campaign is wearing that HOT sign this morning – but I’m pretty sure I saw it at least once yesterday without the HOT sign.

I got up this morning to warm temperatures and a soft snow-melting rain. It is supposed to chill up again by Thursday – but the respite is much appreciate. So, is there a correlation between the temperature outside of my window and the Kindle Scout H&T rating? Or am I finally cracking beneath the Kindle Scout strain?

Only time will tell.

It turns out that I had 14 hours on the HOT & TRENDING list yesterday – bringing me to a total of 235 hours on the HOT & TRENDING along with a total of 833 campaign views.

As I keep telling you folks – the hours spent on the HOT & TRENDING list really don’t contribute a WHOLE lot towards the success or failure of your Kindle Scout campaign – but right now this is the only concrete change I can make in my Kindle Scout campaign, so I will make with every inch of my being.

What I am most excited about is that I actually noticed when my Kindle Scout campaign fell off of the HOT & TRENDING list – and with a few well-chosen Facebook and G+ and Twitter entries I managed to tip the scales back up into the HOT & TRENDING zone – which leads me to believe that there isn’t a whole lot that any Kindle Scout campaigner needs to do.

The one thing to watch out for is going back to the same source of nominations one too many times. For example, if I posted everyday on the same Facebook page the folks who follow that page would begin to overlook my posts – or worse yet get peeved off at them. You DON’T want to abuse the hospitality of any given social media site. The fact is you might want to go back there in a month or so and post something about a new book and the reaction that you do NOT want to see is – “Oh shoot, it’s that Vernon fellow again.”


A fellow can run of roadway if he isn’t too careful.


So – as a result – I am exploring new avenues. This morning I was messing with my Google+ page and trying out a few tricks and techniques. I’ve also been in touch with a couple of other fantasy/horror bloggers regarding possible promotions or guest blog appearances and the like.

You have to cast your net wide.

The Hand-Line Cod Fishery

Whether or not I actually make this magic happen for myself – whether or not my book actually GETS selected for Kindle Scout publishing, I have learned a heck of a lot about utilizing the social networks out there.

Mind you, there is a whole lot more to social networking than I will EVER learn about. The fact is it keeps changing every day – and I cannot possibly keep up with it. I am old – older than the dirt that grows upon dirt – and I am not hip to all of the new gadgetry and mechanisms out there.

Hell, I am old enough to use the word “hip” with authenticity.

And that ain’t necessarily a good thing.

I don’t even own a cell phone.

In spite of that, I give at least an hour a day to social networking and figuring the angles and figuring the best ways to help raise my profile. An indie writer these days has got to be prepared to give over a certain of their time to learn some new techniques.

Come tomorrow I will talk about HeadTalker and how I have made it work for me.

In the meantime, let me just sit here in my writing cave, staring out the window and dreaming about warmer weather.

PLEASE HELP ME win a Kindle Scout publishing contract by nominating my book and you can earn a FREE Kindle copy of my newest novel KELPIE DREAMS if the book is selected.


Yours in Storytelling,

Steve Vernon