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hamster  wheel

My wife and I used to own this little gerbil who would spend his days running around that gerbil wheel like it was his only purpose in life. That little sucker would clock in about twenty or thirty miles a day just boogieing around and around on that aluminum circular torture device.

I don’t know how that pudgy rodent stayed so fat with all of that aerobic exercise. I figure there must be a caloric equivalent to frustration.

I’ve got a funny memory about that gerbil. We had a birthday party once where we brought in an actual bagpiper – dressed in full highland regalia, kilt and all. Well, around midnight that bagpiper showed up and let fly with a full twenty-one drone salute and that little gerbil just flattened right out in his cage like he had just heard the voice of God speaking.

You picture if you want to – but right now I am thinking gerbil thoughts of my own as I get up every morning and commence to promoting my Kindle Scout campaign.

Yesterday morning I fired up a Fiverr campaign with Marvelous Maven that sent word of my campaign to over 29,000 Linked In and Pinterest followers. The day before I tapped into a Fiverr campaign with Bookkitty and I saw my campaign views take a big bump both days.

Every morning I get up and post on a few more Facebook pages. I try and post Facebook postings about three times a day – maybe on five or six different pages. I try to avoid glutting the Facebook but I also notice that a lot of the page views come from various Facebook threads.

I have also received some page views thanks to a recent interview I took part in over at Grey Dog Tales. Not to mention the page views that I get from the Kindle Scout thread on kboards as well as the link in my kboards signature. I have also got myself a HeadTalker Campaign ticking away and set to go off in about seven more days – theoretically designed to reach about a million sets of digital eyes.

This is a game of flinging pasta. I am trying to throw just as many fistfuls of spaghetti at that wall and I hope that some of it will stick.

I try and think about those beaters that you would see in old African safari movies. Those fellows whose job was to march through the jungle and make about as much noise as they could with conch shells and drums and general hoorawing in order to scare the game animals towards the hunter’s shotguns. That’s my job right now. I am attempting to flush out as many nominations as humanly possible  without making a pest of myself – too much.


And yes – sometimes it DOES feel like a freaking gerbil wheel – but every now and then I hear the wail of the bagpipes.

I like the bagpipes. I know they get a bad rap from a lot of folks and I have made my share of jokes regarding rabid cats stuffed into calico sacks and poked with sticks and blown upon until they squeal, but there is something quiet and eerie and wonderful about the sound of a bagpiper warming up in the early morning that just gives me hope and makes me ready for war and makes me raise my eyes up heavenward.

Keep in mind that I went to Kings College and every morning a fellow was paid to walk through the halls and the residence and the courtyard letting fly with all of his heart and lungs and spirit – and that is a heck of a way to wake up every morning.

I’ve got 24 more hours of hot & trending under my belt and whether or not this is going to amount to anything is in the hands of the Gods of Kindle Scout. Each moment I spend upon that Hot & Trending list is about as fleeting, timeless and ephemeral as a lark song.


PLEASE HELP ME win a Kindle Scout publishing contract by nominating my book and you can earn a FREE Kindle copy of my newest novel KELPIE DREAMS if the book is selected.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon