All right – so it is 8am here in Nova Scotia, and I have already got some breakfast into me and I went out and shovelled off the sidewalk and driveway. It snowed all last night and it us still snowing a bit out there and it is supposed to keep coming down throughout the week in sporadic flurries. I have a day shift later today so I don’t have much of a window of opportunity for shoveling – so I needed to get at it.

Welcome to the “Listen to Steve Moan” show – an annual winter Yours in Storytelling feature.

According to Kindle Scout my book Kelpie Dreams remained hot throughout the entire blizzard – which is probably more than I can say about myself.

So I don’t have much more time to wax eloquently. As a matter of fact, I haven’t waxed all winter. My bikini line has really gone to hell and back, via the bush country.

No – I am NOT going to post a photograph.

But while I am busy slogging my way to my day job why don’t you folks take a peek at this Youtube video, from Kindle Scout veteran Katherine Hayton.


Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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