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Writing a novel is a little like a ripe wet fart.

Chances are, if you have to force it out it was most likely shit in the first place.

I don’t think Hemingway EVER said anything like that – but he should have.

Today is the third day of my second Kindle Scout campaign.

Let me tell you a little a bit about Kindle Scout.

First off you ought to know about the HOT & TRENDING list. Basically, this rates how often folks have clicked over to look at your book or read your excerpt or even nominated you. It is one of those Amazon calculations – which means that it is run by a legion of hopped-up squirrels – high on concentrate goat lard, a half a kilo of peyote buttons and a fistful of walnuts marinated in brown acid – practicing parkour upon the beads and rods of a gigantic Tinker Toy abacus.


So Hot & Trending is partly how Kindle Scout ranks the popularity of your campaign. The more hours that your submissions spends HOT AND TRENDING, the more likely it is to get noticed and to receive more submissions. It is NOT a guarantee that you will “win” with your selection. It is only one single factor. BUT the more hours you spend on the Hot & Trending train, the more likely folks are to notice your submission and nominate it as well and pick up a free copy and maybe even read and review it and get you more noticed as time rolls on.

Cue the piano player…


Currently I have been on the Hot & Trending list for all three days of my campaign. To be honest – I was only Hot & Trending for ONE hour on day 1 and TWO hours on day 2 and TWO hours on day 3 – so you can’t really call that anything more than an overly ambitious hot flash.


I have posted a request for nomination throughout various Facebook book promotional pages. I have also sent out word to my e-mail newsletter and I have purchased a Fiverr campaign from Bookkitty to help get the word out about my campaign.

Other than that there isn’t a whole lot of advice I can give you, except to remind you that Hot & Trending isn’t the be-all and end-all of a Kindle Scout campaign. In fact, it is one of the smallest factors relating to your possibility of success. I know one author at kboard who managed to stay Hot & Trending right through the whole entire 30 day stretch – and her book STILL WASN’T selected.

So don’t lose too much sleep over the Hot & Trending list.

Right now I am just aiming to see it H&T a couple of hours every day, just to keep it on an even keel. Like Amazon book sales – a long and steady and reliable stream goes a lot further than a one day flash flood.

PLEASE HELP ME win a Kindle Scout publishing contract by nominating my book and you can earn a FREE Kindle copy of my newest novel KELPIE DREAMS if the book is selected.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon



February Promo

Okay – so all of you Kindle-reading sci-fi and fantasy fans better check this out NOW!

99c Box sets 6-7 February – http://pattyjansen.com/promo/

We have a crazy special this month. These are all box sets and they’re all 99c for the weekend of 6-7 February 2016. Many of these books are 99c for longer periods or even permanently.

If you’re not in the US or UK beware that some authors have used Kindle Countdowns to discount their books, and that the lower price may not apply.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

PLEASE HELP ME win a Kindle Scout publishing contract by nominating my book and you can earn a FREE Kindle copy of my newest novel KELPIE DREAMS if the book is selected.