Daily Archives: February 5, 2016


All right – so I have decided to make a drinking game out of checking my Kindle Scout campaign statistics. Every time that I find myself clicking over to check out the ratings I have a shot of grape Kool-aid and tequila.

The good news is that I am drunk.

The bad news is that I have to go to work now.

It is going to be an interesting shift.

Stupid grape Kool-aid.


Funny thing is, I remember a job at which drinking at work WAS oddly acceptable.

I worked in a certain retail outfit where every December they would close the adjacent garage down and lay out a bar for the employees to drink at. It was looked on as a sort of a staff in-store Christmas party. You have to understand that this was about forty or so years ago – but even back then I thought the idea of having your floor staff wandering around in the store reeking of alcohol to be a strange experience and probably not all that good for business.

I never took part in that end of things. I have never seen the sense in drinking at work. To me, the idea of risking getting drunk too far away from the safety of my living room couch is a BAD idea. But, people did things differently back in the seventies.

Other than that odd non-sequitor, Day 2 does not offer a whole lot of useful information. I was on the HOT & TRENDING list for one hour yesterday and two hours (so far) today.

I have talked with a few Kindle Scout winners – and apparently the HOT & TRENDING list is one of the lesser factors determining whether or not a book is accepted for Kindle Scout publication. They want to see how well a writer can interact with his potential fan base. They want to see if you have got a following of readers or not.

More importantly, they want to see if you know how to ATTRACT a following of readers.

At the end of the day the single most important factor in whether or not you are accepted by Kindle Scout is whether your book is a good one, or not. Kindle wants to sell a lot of copies and it is pretty hard to sell a lot of copies of a manuscript that would serve better if it were recycled into a roll of digital toilet paper – and I am not talking about that velvety soft high end digital toilet paper that folks like Donald Trump uses, I am talking about the low end sandpaper and road salt coarse and gritty digital toilet paper that you find in certain gas station washrooms and trailer parks.


Thanks for following along – and thanks to EVERYONE who has already nominated KELPIE DREAMS for Kindle Scout.


And if you haven’t got round to that – well, what are you waiting for?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon