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Lip Sync Battle Trumps Itself

Okay – so I have a confession for you folks.

In fact – I’ve got THREE BIG CONFESSIONS to make to you folks.

First confession – one of my secret guilty pleasures is watching LIP SYNC BATTLE on television. It doesn’t have a thing to do with any sort of writing whatsoever. It’s music, it is dancing, it is lip sync – and best of all it can be so danged funny.

Let’s face it. There is almost nothing better than laughter for helping a person just plain feel good – and the latest episode of LIP SYNC BATTLE has got to be the funniest that I have ever seen – and I am talking about Josh Gad’s tribute to Donald Trump with Divinyl’s “I Touch Myself”.

Oh my god.

That has got to be the FUNNIEST spoof on Donald Trump yet.

Of course – nothing could possibly beat the first episode of LIP SYNC BATTLE where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson went toe-to-toe with Jimmy Fallon.

Who knew The Rock could lip sync?

Second big confession.

I used to BE a lip syncer.

Way back when I was a student attending Capreol High School I used to rock to Rod Albert and Barry “The Crusher” (one of the math teachers) and Mr. Cooke (the other math teachers) and a couple of other teachers whose names escape me right now formed a band called “The Rejects”. Once a year they would put on a lip sync rock concert in which they would get dressed up in old leather jackets and sun glasses and would lip sync on stage in the school gymnasium before the entire student body.

Inspired by them I got together a group of my own – several of the toughest kids in the school – and we performed our own lip sync concert. I can still see myself in this gigantic Elton John – Sonny and Cher fluffy vest and my shoulder length hair entering the gymnasium with a fistful of flash powder (courtesy of the science department) and a lit match in each hand. I entered in a great flash that absolutely looked brilliant (according to every one who saw it) and I lip synced to Elton John’s Saturday Night’s All Right For Fighting.

Looking back now it is a wonder I didn’t go up in a big ball of fire considering all of the fabric and hair spray I was wearing for the act.


I wish I had some footage of that old act. I had almost forgotten it had ever happened – but sometimes laughter is kind of like a sort of a time machine that takes you right back to a time and a place that you thought you had completely forgotten.

So instead – here’s the other half of the Dwayne Johnson versus The Rock showdown.

All right – so I hope that you folks had fun with this blog entry of mine – but I want to hear my third and final confession of the day.

I have FINALLY finished my latest novel, KELPIE DREAMS, and as of yesterday I submitted it to Kindle Scout. That’s right – I am NOT done trying to break into the Kindle Scout program. A few months ago I tried it with my time travelling toilet novel A BLURT IN TIME and even though that first attempt did not make it all the way I am determined to kick down the door with this second novel.


So that is my third confession. And I am going to apologize in advance because over the next thirty days or so I am going to have to turn the volume up a bit on my Facebook, my Twitter and my blog to shout a little about KELPIE DREAMS and to let you folks all know just EXACTLY how you can help me make it into Kindle Scout.

So – knock ’em out of the park Al, knock ’em out of the park Sal – (anyone who DOES watch LIP SYNC BATTLE knows where that reference comes from)

Catch you on the flip side.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon