Daily Archives: January 16, 2016

Some Days Are Diamonds…

So a couple of weeks ago our washer broke down and we eventually got it repaired, which was covered by the warranty and everything was cool.

So I was doing my laundry yesterday morning and the washer is happily going KACHUNKACHUNKACHUNK and all of a sudden the washer doesn’t work.


Dang it. Only this time it isn’t just the spin cycle that is futzing up – but every darn thing seems to be broken.

It’s okay. I keep my cool. I do not panic. I check the breaker but the breaker is fine. I check the plug but the plug looks fine, too. I remind myself that I am a man of technical skill.

So I call up the repairman. The dispatcher asks me if I have called Sears yet. No I haven’t. Well, she says, seeing that the machine is still under warranty you ought to call them first.

I’m fine. I keep my cool. I thank her and I call up Sears and I get that straightened out and then I call back the repairman’s dispatcher and give her the service number and we set up an appointment for Tuesday morning.

So my wife comes home from work and I tell her after we’ve had our supper. It’s a good supper – turkey hash with veggies. I’m trying to watch my weight a bit.

After supper I break the news to her.

“The washer is broken again. Nothing works on it this time.”

“Did you check the breaker?” she asks. “Did you check the plug?”

“I checked the breaker,” I assure her. “I am a man of technical skills. I checked the plug too.”

“Did you wiggle the plug?” she asks.

“No,” I admit. “I did not think to wiggle the plug.”

So I go downstairs to the laundry room and I wiggle the plug and try the button again.


I tell you – it is a pretty bad state of affairs when a fellow needs to be reminded to wiggle his plug once in a while…


Cut plug

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon