My Adventures with Kindle Scout: Day 3: Bill Goodwin

I’m just ONE chapter away from completing KELPIE DREAMS – the second book that I intend to aim at Kindle Scout – so any sort of info on this program still interests me greatly.

I have figured out that one of the things that the Kindle Scout folks are looking for is a solid sales history. They can help an author sell there book and they DO give you an advance – but in return they want to feel assured that that writer has a proven sales record of their own to fall back upon.

That’s where I fall short still. I have bumped up my sales numbers a bit over the last three months – but I still am a long way from hitting the steady sales that will make me Kindle Scout worthy.

Some folks might grumble and say “That’s not fair.” – but the simple fact is if they are going to give a writer a $1500.00 advance then they want to know that they are going to make that money back FAST!

In the meantime why don’t you take a look at Bill Goodwin’s blog on his OWN Kindle Scout experiences?

Finish That Novel!

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Photo on 1-8-16 at 12.19 PMThis is day three of my Kindle Scout campaign. I’ve tried every publicity method I could think of and am starting to get a feel for what works. I’ve done multiple posts on all my social media accounts, I’ve printed out business cards with the info and handed them out (with the immense help of my husband), I bought a paid promotion that should start in a few days, and I’ve even surfed on some traffic exchanges.

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