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Star Wars – For A Giggle…

Don’t you just hate high school yearbook photos???



yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


All right – so my wife and I went to see the new STAR WARS movie today and it absolutely rocked.
Understand – I absolutely hated the last two Star Trek movies by J.J. Abram – and that’s after seeing the first one TWICE. I still can’t remember a damn thing about either of those movies except for Spock shouting “KHAN!”. I thought they were muddied-up messes and didn’t remind me a bit of the old television series.
So – I really wasn’t all that confident in them making a new Star Wars movie.
You see – I remember Jar-Jar Binks.
I don’t want to remember him – but I do.
So I went into the movie theater fully intending to hate this movie – only I didn’t. Right from the get-go I thought that it was awesome. The same opening credits, the same music, the same universe without any of that kiddy-giggle crap that began with The Phantom Menace – Jar-Jar and kids flying tie-fighters.
I enjoyed it right through until the end.
No spoilers here – but here’s a few things I enjoyed.
Seeing Han Solo and Princess Leia back again. Seeing the Wookie. Seeing the Millenium Falcon. Getting our first chance to see a stormtrooper as a real person. Seeing Max Von Sydow playing ANYTHING!
A couple of things I didn’t enjoy?
How about Adam Driver – who I found to be a poor substitute for Darth Vader? How about Andy Sirkis as Supreme Leader Snork?
Banana Split Snork
(alright – so I know that the dude’s name was Supreme Leader Snoke – but it still sounded a little bit silly)
Still – these are tiny problems.
The fact was that I really  enjoyed the movie. I’d own it on dvd and I’d see it again.
The funny thing is that I had been avoiding reviews for the last couple of months. Tonight I took a look and I was amazed to see that ROTTEN TOMATOES absolutely LOVED the movie and yet when I looked at imdb I was amazed to see that a lot of the folks writing reviews there seemed to almost unanimously hate this movie!
Go figure.
Me – I loved it. I’m an old-time fan of the first three Star Wars movie and I felt that they nailed it.
Go and see for yourself. I’m not telling you anything more.
Yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon