New Book Promotion 2016 – Books that are Discounted or FREE

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

In addition to the new promotions for Books in a Series, Published Short Stories, Novellas, Anthologies and Children’s Books; I would like to put together a list of books that will be discounted or Free during the week following the post on Saturday mornings.

Submission is very easy.

  1. Link to Amazon or other buying site where I can source, bio, blurb and cover.
  2. The genre of the book.
  3. The dates that the book will be discounted or Free – if discounted what is the price
  4. Send the week before at least to

I will prepare the post in the form of the list with books listed under their particular genre.

Here are the links to the other new book promotions on Smorgasbord for 2016.

I may not find out about your discounted or free offers so I am relying on you letting me know.  Thanks Sally

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