Opinion: Every Author Should Self-Publish (At Least Once)

There is one particular point that Orna Ross makes in this article that really struck home with me. In the past I have referred to myself as a “hybrid” author. That means that I publish both through traditional publishers as well as independently publishing my own work. However – as Orna points out – maybe this is an antiquated concept.

I mean really – when you stop and think about it, I publish my work independently because it suits my purposes. I likewise publish my work through a traditional publisher – BECAUSE IT SUITS MY PURPOSES!

Either way – that is an independent decision that I make – and therefore maybe it is time to start calling myself an indie author – first and foremost.

Better tie a string around my typing finger so that I remember making that decision.

Do yourself a favor and read the rest of Orna’s blog.

Forget your opinions about self-publishing, says Orna Ross. The many myths and misconceptions mean to know it you have to try it.

Source: Opinion: Every Author Should Self-Publish (At Least Once)

5 responses to “Opinion: Every Author Should Self-Publish (At Least Once)

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    I’ve published both ways as well but I don’t want another label, though. I just like being an author, Steve. Going over to read Orna – whose books I love!


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    Don’t forget to click on the Source Link Steve provides at the bottom of his post and read that great article by Author Orna Ross as well 😀


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