Using Booklinker to Sell Your e-books

You learn something new every day…

How many times have you heard somebody say that jokingly – but I learned something new today.

I learned about booklinker.

Let me tell you a bit about it.

Just take a look at this book link.

Just your standard Amazon book link. You click it – and I know you did – and it takes you right directly to my Christmas story SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS – where it is listed on

Now – as most of you folks know, is the AMERICAN branch of Amazon. So if you live in the UK, say – then that book link would not be helpful at all.

Same thing goes for those folks living in Australia, Germany, Japan and the like. The book link – all by itself – is useless if Franz in Switzerland decides that he wants to buy a copy of my e-book.

So – take a look at THIS BOOK LINK!!!

You might not notice the difference if you clicked it from the US – but if you lived in Germany and clicked it that link took you RIGHT to the – the Amazon Germany site. Same thing would happen if you clicked onto that link and were living in Australia. That link would send you right to the – the Australia site.

Do you see what I am getting at?

That second link is a freaking magic transporter that will take you to the Amazon website in the country that you are living in.

That’s super-cool.

Incidentally – the book SHOTGUN CHRISTMAS is price-matched to free in the US – so any of my US readers can grab a copy today for free. I am still trying to figure out how to make that e-book free on the other Amazon pages.

Give me time.


SO – how did I make that super-cool magic-transporter link?


I signed up with!

It doesn’t cost a dime and is easy to figure out – and once you have got your books entered you can use those wicked cool magic-transporter booklinker links ANYWHERE that you want to.

You can use it on Facebook, on Twitter, on your Blog – anywhere that you need a link. No more will you have to post a separate link to each separate Amazon book site. One link does it all.

I think that is pretty freaking cool. I have bookmarked that booklinker right onto my toolbar and I intend to reach for it EVERY TIME that I want an Amazon link for one of my e-books.

I hope that you find it useful too.

shotgun christmas (2)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

PS: You can ALSO use booklinker to create super-cool magic-transporter links to your author page – LIKE THIS ONE!

Cool, eh?

4 responses to “Using Booklinker to Sell Your e-books

  1. Thanks Steve, that looks like a fantastic link.


  2. That is a great tool for authors to sell across multiple Amazon sites, but it won’t work if you Amazon affiliate links, which I do. If you’re promoting your own books, or other authors on your website or anywhere, for that matter, you might want to think about signing up as an Amazon Affiliate. You do earn a small % when people click on your link and buy anything from Amazon via your link. Pretty cool for around the Christmas buying season.


    • Actually, booklinker claims that you CAN use Amazon affiliate links.

      I haven’t tried them myself. I am an Affiliate but I never get around to setting up an Affiliate link to any of my e-books. I know I should but I never think to.


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