Nanowrimo Housecleaning Blues…


So what I want to know is WHY – if I am writing a young adult novel in NaNoWriMo – does my freaking house look like the crime scene from out of a police procedural? Housecleaning is a joke. Both my wife and I are hard at work on simultaneous NaNoWriMo projects.

It is not that I am all that fussy about keeping the house tidy. We pick up what we can. If we can see the occasional glimpse of floorboards between the dust, the dirt and the accumulated debris – we are happy. But yesterday I swear that I saw the film crew from HOARDERS walking through my living room…


So how is your day going?

chalk outline

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

PS: Do me a favor and grab a copy of TALES FROM THE TANGLED WOODS today. It is FREE on Kindle for today only. Happy Monday, folks!

5 responses to “Nanowrimo Housecleaning Blues…

  1. Thanks for Tales from the Tangled Wood! Can´t wait to read it. Good luck with NaNoWriMo! (both of you)


  2. Oh, that sounds pretty familiar…


  3. Thank you for the read. I am looking forward to getting into it. (I plan to start it in the light of day, not the dark of night.)


  4. Hi, I chose one image for my poem from here. Hope it is fine for you. Credit given to your blog. Thank you.


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