Got Those Book Signing Blues

Here’s another less Pollyanna-colored book signing by my good buddy, New Brunswick author Robert Rayner.

I too ALWAYS buy books by New Brunswick authors. Or else I mean too. Really, I promise.

Here’s to better days and crowds full of eager cruise ship tourists, their pockets jingle with the carousel of shiny silver eagles and hope.

Robert Rayner


12:00 Friday noon arrive at Coles Books, Brunswick Square, Saint John. Little table set up, nicely positioned at front of store, sticking out just a bit into hoped for flow of people on lunch break and from cruise ship in port today. Stack (well, small stack) of Colorlands. Thank you, Diane at Coles. And more thanks for offer of coffee. Feel at home already.

12:01 Old friend Alyssa appears in a whirl, stopping by not just to say Hello but to buy a book! Thank you, Alyssa. Lovely way to start a signing. Must be good augur. Now set for record breaking signing.


12:02 Daringly ease little table further out into anticipated hectic flow of shoppers. Books arranged enticingly. Pen ready. Smile fixed. (Never easy.) Line forms on the right, folks.

12:15 Er, folks?

12:20 Aha. Cruise ship passengers appear at last. A few, anyway. One introduces herself as Mabel…

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