How I Write – K.M. Carroll

HOW I WRITE is a semi-regular series of author blog spots. I want to help other authors reach out to this great writing community that we are all a part of. So, without further ado, let me turn this blog over to the talented K.M. Carroll.

K.M. Carroll

First, I would like to thank Steve for inviting me to write for his site. You’ve asked me to talk about my writing process and the Spacetime series–my two favorite subjects!

The writing process is different for every writer. Some folks write first thing in the morning, or last thing at night. Some people write at the same time every day, with a faithful cup of coffee, knock out their daily 3k, and spend the rest of the day doing promos and such. Some use outlines, while some write by the seat of their pants, sailing wherever the muse blows them.

flying pants

All right – so I could NOT find a shot of somebody sailing on their pants. It was either this or Buster Keaton driving down the street on the seat of his pants…

I have four children under the age of eight, plus a husband who I invest lots of quality time in. So I mostly write in the early morning, and the late evening, once people are in bed. I used to be a lovely pants-writer, but I find that I lack the brain-bandwidth to hold a whole story in my head these days, so I’ve become a staunch outliner.

The method I’m currently using is from Libbie Hawker’s Take Off Your Pants. I’ve found that it doubles my productivity, which is a good thing for a writer with limited time!

Take Off Your Pants!

I’ve been reading this book as well. Some REALLY great advice in here for any sort of author.

I also have a network of friends/beta readers/editors who I rely on to catch the worst of my howlers and call attention to my sentence fragments. This is hugely important when building a product in a hugely competitive marketplace.

How I Write - K.M. Carroll

Hungry for a little sci-fi wildness? Try out one of these books today.

Now, let me tell you about my series, The Spacetime Legacy.

The Spacetime Legacy series is a five-book series that my husband dreamed up. As he doesn’t have time to write it, I began writing it for him.

It is a YA/NA urban fantasy series about young adults with magic powers that let them manipulate time or space. The hero of the series is Carda Chase, who has both kinds of powers and is called the Strider of Chronos, a once-in-a-generation mage who has the unenviable job of keeping the peace between the worlds. He’s assisted by his twin sister Michelle, who is one of three gravity mages in existence, a catgirl named Xironi, a refugee from a destroyed world, and Indal, a time mage who Carda accidentally turned into a werewolf.

They all live in Phoenix, Arizona, when they’re not out running around the multiverse. I recently moved to Phoenix, and I’m still slowly incorporating the colorful scenery into the books. (Kevin Hearne has done it so masterfully in his Iron Druid series, I have a lot to live up to!)

Each book focuses on one of these characters in turn. Book 1 features Carda, book 2 features Indal, book 3 features new characters Jake and Revi, book 4 features Xironi, and book 5 is the Avengers Assemble book, when the series villain stages a multiversal apocalypse. Book 4 is slated for release in the next couple of months, and book 5 is hopefully coming late next year.

Each book is progressively better as my skills have improved, and I’m quite proud of it so far. My husband and I are debating a “Season 2” series, with books 6-10, but we shall see what happens. I’d dearly love to write a metaplot as amazing as what Jim Butcher has pulled off in the Dresden books.

Thanks for hosting me on your blog today, Steve!

My pleasure, ma’m.

Folks, you can pick up K.M. Carroll’s books at her author’s page.

You can also hear more from K.M. Carroll on her BLOG, or her FACEBOOK PAGE, or you can tweet at her over at TWITTER!

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Click this banner. Nominate A BLURT IN TIME for the Kindle Scout program. If the book makes it into Kindle Scout you will automatically receive a free Kindle copy of the book.


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