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Mini-Promotions for your e-book

This is me, doing my Happy Dance!

This is me, doing my Happy Dance!

When September hit I vowed that I was going to get back into promoting my e-books. I am currently setting up a few BIG promo campaigns for the month of October and I’ll create a separate thread for those when we get closer to the mark – but I have been actively trying to splash a few more ripples into the promoting pond over the month of September with a few little  prawny promotions.

For example – on Labor Day (September 7) I put TALES FROM A TANGLED WOOD on a freebie promo with Book-Scream for $3 and moved 33 free copies.

On September 11 I put DO-OVERS AND DETOURS up on another one day freebie promo with Lovely Books for $4 and moved 15 free copies. This giveaway was hindered by an inexplicable glitch in the system that lead the promo to not go live until the middle of the afternoon. Still – somebody read straight through one copy – or at least digitally flipped through the pages of the book – and added an extra 332 pages to my KU tally.

On September 13 I put HAMMURABI ROAD up on a one day 99 cent promo with ebookstage and moved 1 copy. Mind you, ebookstage didn’t cost me anything and I did screw things up by forgetting to mark my non-kindle prices down to 99 cents.


On September 17-18 I put BIG HAIRY DEAL up as a one day 99 cent promo with ebookstage and sold 2 copies of BIG HAIRY DEAL and 1 copy of BIGFOOT TRACKS – another book in the series, as WELL as a couple of non-kindle sales. This time I remembered to bump my prices down on ALL of my venues.

On September 18 I put ROADSIDE GHOSTS up as a one day freebie promotion and moved 453 free copies thanks to a $5.00 promo with Fiverr’s bknights for five bucks.

So – what have I learned?

Lesson number one – bknights freaking rocks!!!

To top it off I have sold several copies of ROADSIDE GHOSTS after the freebie promotion was over with.
I have been using these little mini-promotion pushes to help warm up my promoting muscles for October. Every day or two I take a half an hour or so and line up another promotional website for the 3-4 BIG promos I am putting on in October and these little mini-promotion pushes are giving me some much-needed confidence for this.

I have noticed a fair increase in my KU page count over the month of September and I see a lot of my own e-books showing up on the also-bought column of my Kindle listings.

I have also noticed a bit of an improvement in the regularity of my book sales. I would LOVE to see a month in which I sell at LEAST one e-book for each day of the month – and these little promo pushes seem to be raising my visibility and seem to be acting like a dose of hot bran to the daily regularity of my book sales.

(ah yes, a day without a poop-pun is like a day without sunshine)

SO – what promotion sites work for your mini-push promotions?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon