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Video Killed the Radio Star While Digital Does the DVD!

Okay – so just yesterday I read that Neil Gaiman​’s brilliant AMERICAN GODS is being turned into a television series by STARZ – which means that is a series that I will NOT be able to see unless I actually subscribe to the STARZ network.

How about DAREDEVIL?

Only on Netflix.

We are seeing way too much of that lately. I loved the video stores that filled the city not more than ten years ago. I love wading into an aisle filled with dvd’s and hunting up the perfect movie.

That is passing away. Nowadays everyone and his dog are catching it on Netflix or streaming it in from Amazon or getting Scotty to beam them up the first season of X-FILES.

And you know – when I went onto Youtube to hunt that clip up I read that I needed to sign up to the STAR TREK NETWORK???

I kid you not.

I have been noticing that fewer and fewer stores have DVD sections – and those stores that still do sell DVD’s are condensing their space drastically. Whenever I talk to somebody about watching the series BREAKING BAD on my DVD they look at me like I have two heads.

I get to feeling any older my tender bleeding psyche is going to need itself a good stiff swallow of Geritol.


If you want to read more about this I suggest you take a look at this article!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon