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Save Your Readers 50% On KWL Titles—On Us!

Hey KOBO readers – take advantage of this GREAT 50% off offer.

Use the promo code SALE50 an unlimited number of times starting Friday August 29, 2015 and lasting through until August 31, 2015 at 11:59PM EST.

Offer is not good on e-readers and only good on Baen books, small publishers and indie titles.

Why not use this opportunity to fill your Kobo library.

Kobo Writing Life

Attention all Kobo Writing Life authors!

We’re proud to announce that we’ll be supporting a special end-of-summer clearance sale on all titles published through KWL—a 50% discount for your readers, on us. This sale won’t cost you anything and will not be taken out of your royalties.

This special sale will start Friday, August 28th and ends on Monday, August 31st and will be valid in Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Customers will be able to redeem 50% off of any title published by KWL using the promo code SALE50 an unlimited number of times starting this Friday—so please, let your readers and fans know about this incredible opportunity to stack up on eBooks while they can!

See below the cut for the full rules & regulations of this sale. And as a reminder, this sale starts on Friday, August 28th and runs until Monday…

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10 Sensible Ways to Avoid Distractions

I might have to try a few of these techniques. Anyone know where I can purchase a small-sized tiger???

New Newy Newness

Sometimes it is a better idea to hold off a little before you hit that PUBLISH button!

East Coast Paracon – How I get ready for a book signing gig

All right – so next weekend I am heading down to Liverpool, Nova Scotia to speak at the 2015 East Coast Paracon. I’m looking forward to meeting a whole lot of folks who are interested in ghosts and sea monsters and the like.

Which means I have to be ready to sign and sell some books.

This is always an exciting time for me. I love meeting like-minded readers and I love getting the opportunity to meet old fans and possibly a few new fans. I truly enjoy signing copies of my books for sale to the public.

That’s weird, I know. I realize that a LOT of authors whom I know actually DREAD going to book signings.

Not me.

But a certain amount of preparation is required.

First off I have to make certain that I have all of the books that might sell at such an event. You have to realize that I will NOT be the only author at this event. There will be a LOT of competition.

First off – make sure you bring a few pens along. There is NOTHING more embarrassing than showing up at a book signing and having to borrow somebody’s pen.

I am bringing copies of my various Nimbus books with me.

Haunted Harbours smallLunenburg_Werewolf_cover-v2

Maritime Monstersdeeper_cover_Jan_24th

As well as paperback copies of some of my self-published work.

Sudden Death Overtime - final art

Uncle Bob's Red Flannel Bible Camp - From Eden to the Ark

I also need some book stands.


And some business cards.

business card

And a cash float.

floating money

And a table cloth.

Tree of Life

And some tasteful signage.

Blog Photo 001

Pack the books carefully in boxes so as to eliminate road-wear and make sure to bring along a small dolly to help move the boxes into the hall.

Zuni Doll

No, not THAT kind of dolly. THIS kind!


I like to bring along a supply of bags just in case some of the customers want to buy more than one book.

If you anticipate a LONG signing session it wouldn’t hurt to bring along a comfortable folding chair and some snacks and some water.

If you are interested in more book signing tips be certain to check out my blog entry “FLY FISHING IN THE RIVER OF POSSIBILITY”.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon