Friday Fish Story

All right – so it was so nice out this afternoon that I sat out on the deck in shorts and a t-shirt. Then I took the t-shirt off and just baked for a while in the sun. I put the shirt back on after Captain Ahab sailed by suggestively waving his harpoon my way. Thank God for the wandering troop of Greenpeace activists who rallied around me waving SAVE THE WHALE banners!

A little later I got dressed and walked a few blocks to meet my wife for a Friday fish supper. We went to FRIES & CO. Halfway there – at the airplane park off of Chebucto, I had to stop and sit on a park bench like an old man and just breathe a little. This darn bronchitis has really knocked the good out of me.

So I walked into this fish and chips shop and I ask the waitress – “Have you got any deep battered whale?”

“No,” she said. “We do not have any deep battered whale.”

“This is a fish shop, isn’t it?” I said. “Why don’t you have any whale?”

“A whale isn’t a fish,” the waitress reminded me.

“Don’t complicate my question with needlessly accurate zoological details,” I warned. “I am a sick, sick man.”

So I took a look at the menu and I ordered a 3 piece fish and chips and a pickled egg- which turned out to be a bit of a mistake because those three pieces of fish could have easily fed the entire population of Galilee.

But my, those fish and chips were awfully good. The batter on the fish was wicked awesome and the fries were fresh and the coleslaw was yummy and the pickled egg I had with it was good too. Belinda had some curry with her fries that just blasted the cold fumes out of my lungs. I should have brought a glass full of that curry home and just sipped on it while I walked.

Next time you feel the urge for good fish and chips I would definitely recommend Fries & Co.

Even if they DON’T serve deep fried whale.

The other thing they did not have was a good ginger beer. They are licensed, however, and have a good assortment of ales on stock. I just had ginger ale, because the meds that I am on really take the good of me – like I mentioned.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


6 responses to “Friday Fish Story

  1. Hope you feel better soon!


  2. Hope you’re soon back at peak form Steve. These days I plan my walking route around where the best benches to rest are.


  3. You’re a funny guy, Steve. You had me at Captain Ahab.


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