David Gaughran’s MERCENARY

Sometimes the difference between truth and fiction is an awfully thin gray line.

I picked up a copy of this e-book for my Kobo for free a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed the read. The whole way through I kept wondering if the protagonist, Lee Christmas, was actually based on a real life person.

Well, I was stubborn and I did not resort to Google until I had ACTUALLY completed reading the novel – just because I did not want to risk reading any spoilers.

The book was a solid action-filled read. Lee Christmas was a marvelously flawed hero who kind of reminded me a little of William Holden in THE WILD BUNCH – or better yet, Lee Marvin in THE PROFESSIONALS.

Only bigger.

Lee Christmas cast a big old shadow across any landscape and this was a heck of a story. I would recommend for any fans of military literature.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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