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The Wellie Boot

Writers look up some awfully funny things.

Just this morning I was researching the Wellie boot.

What’s a Wellie boot?

I love my Wellies.

I wear them in the rain and I wear them when I shovel and I almost cried when my old pair up and died this February. I have a pair of cheap replacements that I bought at Walmart and they aren’t half the boot of my original Wellies.

Mind you, you can’t blame Walmart, because I bought my original pair at Walmart about six years ago.

Six years of hard slogging will wear down a boot, sure as sinning.

I like the versatility of a well-made Wellie. You can wear them in any weather and they even pass in certain social circles as formal wear. They go dandy with a suede suit jacket and a Greek fisherman’s cap.

How many of folks out there knew that the Wellie boot was actually named after the Duke of Wellington – the fellow who slogged across France fighting Napoleon – all in a pair of Wellies. Of course his Wellies were made of leather.

Proper Wellies are made of good stout rubber. Leather is only toffs and lollygaggers and them softer fellows who only pretend at manliness.

Real men wear rubber.

(insert dirty joke here)

While I was researching the Wellie boot – the perfect foot wear for April – and I tripped over this little ditty by Billy Connolly, one of the funniest men in the entire universe.

And while you are at it and looking for a good giggle check this one out as well.

A writer needs a good pair of Wellies for wading through his latest manuscript without getting his feet too wet.

So – while i get back to my writing answer me this question -How many of you out there actually own a pair of wellies?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


Another way to create a cover for CreateSpace

Thanks to writer John H. Carroll for posting this info on his blog – how to convert a book cover for CreateSpace from jpeg to pdf.


John writes oddball fantasy/scifi – including his collection THE EMO BUNNY THAT SHOULD (STORIES FOR DEMENTED CHILDREN BOOK 1) – which you check out over at Amazon if you like.

Or you can order a copy just by clicking this cover shot.

And – in the interest of full disclosure – I came across the link to the blog entry over at kboards – and if you have any aspirations of writing e-books indie-style you really ought to give some thought to hanging out at kboards every now and then.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon