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Nova Scotia Film Workers Pay Their Taxes!


The Nova Scotia Film Tax Credit is an important tax credit that helps to promote the Nova Scotia film making industry.

The political-types are making a stink about possibly ending the tax credit.

NS Films bring movie companies to Nova Scotia. There isn’t a season that goes by that I don’t see a long caravan of movie trucks parked somewhere downtown in Halifax. You have to remember that each one of the trucks is another chunk of cash getting dropped into the Nova Scotia economy.

NS Films and the film making industry in general bring jobs to Nova Scotians. They create work for actors, writers, painters, electricians, laborers, restaurants and a horde of other industries.

Listen all of you politicians!

Listen Diana Whalen​ and Stephen Macneil​ and all the rest of political types – more than TWO THOUSAND Nova Scotians work in the film industry. That is over TWO THOUSAND pebbles thrown into the Nova Scotia money pond – the resulting ripples creating a tsunami of benefit for the province’s economical structure.

Are you folks REALLY ready to put that many NS jobs at risk?

More important to you political types is that represents over TWO THOUSAND votes. Then you ought to factor in all of their family members who might take it personally that the political types are jeopardizing the film industry’s future here in Nova Scotia. Let alone all of the people that these actors and film workers are going to talk to while they are sitting at home wondering why the tax credit was turned off.

Have you ever BEEN to a wrap party. Listen, people, these actors just LOVE to talk.

Every year we pour thousands of dollars into tourism commercials that sing the praises of Nova Scotia.

Each of those film crews that fly here to make movies and take advantage of the lower costs that are created partially by the incentive of the NS tax credit are TOURISTS!

They all want to sit down in restaurants and pubs to eat and drink. They all shop for shoes and souvenirs and books to read.

That is MONEY going directly into the NS economy – money that eliminating the NS tax credit would jeopardize.

Stop and think about it all of you bean-counting budget-balancing political types.

This isn’t just a tax credit, that I am talking about.

This is a program that works to attract business and bucket-loads of money into the Nova Scotia economy.

This is a system that works.

Do not cut the NS tax credit.

You can read more here.

And here!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Where to Publish (For New Writers Who Are Looking to Self-Publish)

Some info for all of you writer-types out there.

There is ALWAYS something new to learn.

Glenn Hates Books – Raw, Raunchy, Redneck Reviewing At Its Finest…

Does anyone out there remember Joe Bob Briggs? That Texan movie reviewer who used to hang out in front of drive-in movies and give ratings based on breast count and pints of spilled blood?

How about Jeff Foxworthy – or better yet, Ron White, the REAL funnyman of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour?

CMT Presents "Ron White's Comedy Salute To The Troops" A Special Honoring The Armed Forces Premiering Saturday, March 12
Well, that is the sort of style of review we are looking at here. Glenn Conley writes raunchy redneck book reviews that are NOT for the easily offended. I am talking about blue language, scatological humor and the kind of critical discussion that reminds you of what your basset hound’s butthole might tell you if it ever learned how to read and talk.

Well let me tell you, sewer giggles and outhouse graffiti is just fine by this old boy. I enjoyed the #$@ out of GLENN HATES BOOKS. I read the darn e-book straight through in one sitting and I was grinning by page two.

Best news yet, is the dude digs horror.

I am talking Edward Lee and Jack Ketchum the-chainsaws-are-among-us kind of horror.

About a third of the books he reviewed I had already read and I agreed on quite a bit that he was saying. You see, once you squint past the profanity you are going to realize that Glenn actually knows what he is talking about. The dude has an eye for good writing and his opinions are worth listening to.

I keep a stack of paperbacks on the top shelf of my toilet aimed at short chewy reading material. Let me tell you what. If I had this book in paperback I would set it right on the very top of that paperback stack.

Glenn Hates Books

All right – so I am NOT all that fussy about the cover – but I did have fun reading the book.

I can’t wait for Volume 2!

yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon