A Snow-maggedon Blizzard from hell…

This is what I looked out to on our front deck yesterday morning. Click the picture and it will take you to the latest news story on this snow-maggedon tsunami-blizzard.

This is what I looked out to on our front deck yesterday morning. Click the picture and it will take you to the latest news story on this snow-maggedon blizzard-from-hell.

I kicked my way out of the side door this morning to go and clear a path for Belinda’s trip to work. The side door was frozen as well as the front door and by the end of this winter we may need a new screen door on the side – and possibly a new front door as well.

May would be a GREAT month for a door-to-door door salesman to come knocking on our door.

I may have just sprained a neural synapses or two in that last sentence.

For those who haven’t been following the story Halifax had about 30 cm of snow dumped on it’s head this Sunday. Then, Wednesday we got gifted with about another 50 cm or so.

It is hard typing this with shovel-weary arms – but I feel as if I have to get word out before the city gives way to the weight of the snow and tips off sideways and slowly drifts out into the gray Atlantic.

Neither of our sidewalks have been touched by the city – and the end of our sidewalk that leads out to the street that leads to the bus terminal is buried beneath about a Volkswagen and a half of plowed-in snow. On Monday morning I managed to dig a sort of a staircase so that my wife and I could climb over that Volkswagen and a half to get to work – but I have tried these last two mornings and the snow is just too heaped up to get through and too softly-packed to hew out a makeshift staircase.


So I stomped down the sidewalk in the other direction until I came to a wee path that somebody had cleared from their own house to the street. The path had been plowed over by the snowplow – but I cleared that and then stomped up and down the sidewalk in my size ten gum rubbers to try and snowshoe out a path for my wife to walk upon.

Turn left at Albuquerque and just keep was what I told her when she headed off to work this morning.

I have had the last two days off of work – due to the snowed-in city. The buses were not running and so the office was closed. The city was ALMOST shut down. Nearly everything closed – shopping malls, offices and such.

Yesterday it was warm, so I clambered up our extension ladder onto the roof and shoveled most of the roof clean. I was a little surprised and somewhat unnerved to find about four feet of snow drifted directly over my writing office. No wonder the ceiling had been creaking.


Our car out back in the driveway has been buried for sometime. When this whole snow-maggedon first began back in February I came down with a murderous case of walking pneumonia and spent a good part of the month on my back – and so that whole driveway-clearing-thing got a little out of control for me.

Just last weekend I had cleared the whole driveway and was working on the North Wall that the street plows had built across the exit of my driveway – and then that Sunday storm hit.

I might go out again today in the afternoon to attack that driveway a bit. I would like to go for a ride in that car with my wife – seeing as we paid for new snow tires in the beginning of winter, before all of this snow buried the car.

Well, at least there hasn’t been much wear and tear on those new tires.

Laugh if you want to. Me, I am too tired to chuckle.


All right, maybe not that tired…

Snova Scotia

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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