The Sidewalk Ends in Halifax…




The sidewalks END in Halifax.



So I was just reading THIS ARTICLE telling me that I ought to start being responsible for clearing our sidewalk corners.

Newsflash – I have ALWAYS been responsible for clearing the sidewalks around our house. I am old school, that way.

But last winter the city confused the issue by hiring a small army of sidewalk plows and announcing that THEY were going to clear the sidewalks.

Okay, I thought. So THEY will clear them now.

So I started leaving the sidewalks go.

First winter it worked pretty well. They got out there regularly and kept the sidewalks reasonably clear, although their tiny little sidewalk-plows never did manage to clear the sidewalk down the pavement like I used to with my one lone shovel.

I could live with that.

But this year they have forgotten how to drive straight and have plowed over about six of my rose bushes – the ones that I planted around my yard. Some of these rose bushes are two or three feet in from where the sidewalk ends and they still seem to somehow manage to avoid the sidewalk and roll across my yard.

Then, to make matters worse the street plow has begun pushing the snow from the street up onto the corner of the sidewalk, completely obstructing our side street sidewalk from the main street sidewalk.

I am talking about a Volkswagen and a half sized hill of compacted snow pushed across our sidewalk.

And now this councilor is telling us that WE ought to go and shovel that up.

Okay, so like I said I don’t really mind shoveling sidewalks. In fact every year that I lived here in Halifax my sidewalk has ALWAYS been cleared. By me. With one shovel.

Monday morning I hacked a path through that snow drift – building a makeshift stairway up over the drift so that myself and my wife could get over the drift and down to the bus terminal.

Wednesday night – after all that snow fell, I went out to try and hack it clear and while I was out there shoveling buddy with the plow came in and heaped up two more microbuses worth of snow.

I am sorry. There is no phone booths around anymore so I CANNOT step into a phone booth and turn into Superman.

You click this image and it will take you to a really cool article on the history of Superman and the public telephone booth.

When did snow removal become pushing-the-snow-aside-and-letting-the-public-deal-with-it?

I am done ranting now. It won’t change a damn thing.

Somebody send for Lois Lane.

Elvis has left the building.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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