Bizarre Writing Spots

I don’t have any particular bizarre writing spot. I do most of my writing at home in my office – which allows me the luxury to sit around in my favorite Batman boxer shorts and tap out earth-shattering epic nothings without anyone complaining about the sight of my big bare feet.

I will mention that the weirdest place I ever wrote was on top of a double-bladed industrial table saw…but that’s a whole other story.

With two young children in the home, finding time to write is difficult. While I’d love to say that I get up at 4am everyday without a problem to get a few hours in, I can’t. That would be lying. But, what I can say is some days I get a few hours while the kids are playing by themselves and some days I get, well, not even a second. *sigh* Ah, the life of a writer with small kids in the house.

So with this little “problem”, I’ve had to come up with a “grab the bull by the horns” plan to combat it. Every other Saturday, I take the whole day away from the house. I leave in the morning, go to a little nook corner of one of my favorite writing spots, and I don’t come home until late in the afternoon.  It’s a grand day. I love…

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One response to “Bizarre Writing Spots

  1. That is a weird place to write! Great post, thanks for the share. 🙂




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