Ice on the roof – Part 1

We have been having some leakage problems here at the house, due to the heavy build-up of ice and snow upon the roof. The last couple of days we have had a series of leaks over the front door that have run right down to the basement.

Well, yesterday I got home from work and clambered up on the ladder and hacked away the ice dam above the front door and it seems to have helped some. There is still a little bit of leak – but the Niagara Falls that WAS falling into our living room has dried up some.

This morning though, my wife and I walked into our kitchen and were surprised to see a leak around the support beams. Water was coming in and had already lifted and bubbled the paint and had begun to soak the counter.

My wife headed off to work and I got dressed and got ready to go to work and then when I went to the kitchen to grab my dinner I was shocked to see that the water was coming in across the middle of the kitchen ceiling. We had this problem once before in the living room and the plaster of the ceiling had ended up caving in, so I was VERY worried that I was going to come home from work tonight and find my kitchen ceiling on the floor.

But, I told myself I had to go to work and I hopped the bus and went downtown and got into the office and turned on my computer. Only I could not concentrate. I kept thinking and wondering about what was happening in my kitchen while I was there at work. Every keyboard clatter I could hear from the adjoining cubicles sounded to me like a drop of water splashing upon the floor.

Yes folks, this writer TRULY was freaking out.

I could not concentrate and I felt that if I stayed and tried to tough it out that I would just end up screwing something up. So I looked around for one of the supervisors and I calmly told her – “ROOF IS LEAKING! GOT TO GO! MUST FIX! MUST SAVE KITCHEN!”


I am not saying that I was cool about it.

So I caught the next bus home. Luckily, there was a number 6 that got me home in about fifteen minutes. I changed my clothes and hauled up the ladder from the basement and clambered up onto the roof and began hacking and shoveling the ice and snow.

I was up there this morning for about two to three hours before my arms gave out and I clambered down. That was the tricky part. The stepladder I have doesn’t quite reach the roof and I had to sort of dangle myself off of the edge of the roof and lower myself down, clinging like crazy to a sheet of ice.

Then I grabbed a crowbar and hammer and banged some more of the ice away above the door.

I came in and had some dinner. I HAD a lunch packed for work and that is sitting at work right now in the staff room fridge.

I’m not saying that I wasn’t panicked.

Fear is a terrible four letter word but there are sometimes when a fellow has to go with the flow. I have got the snow on the kitchen roof cleared away and I am about to drag the ladder back out and bang some more on the ice and the snow.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to get up out of bed.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


2 responses to “Ice on the roof – Part 1

  1. Sorry to hear about the flooding. It’s the worst feeling to have water streaming into your house (we were plagued by water disasters for five years). Let’s hope all of this snow is going to give way to an early spring!


  2. I have got my fingers crossed.


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