You Must Remember This…

For starters let me warn you that I am writing this blog entry under the influence of high-strength antibiotics. I have been suffering from what I thought was a lousy cold and it turned out to be a lousy case of walking pneumonia. Which means my entire right lung is full of something that resembles the lint you find in the bottom of the pocket of a man who  has been drowned at sea for about fourteen days or so.

I am talking funky, moldy, mildewed gunk.

So enough about me.

Let’s talk about Valentine’s Day.

It is a day for romance – and I know an awful lot about romance.

For one thing – I have read The Bridges of Madison County several times.

I know it is schmaltzy. So what? It so happens I actually LIKE goose grease!

I’ve watched numerous performances of Romeo and Juliet and I have watched John Wayne romantically slug Victor McLaglen halfway across Ireland for the sake of the beautiful Maureen O’Hara.

And I still get choked up when I watch Niles Frasier spend many seasons holding out his heart for Daphne.

My God, I still get choked up thinking about the two of them and how very long it took for them to get together.

Yup, I have to confess I am a die hard old school romantic. I believe in true love and I have absolutely no idea why I have never written a romance novel – yet.

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!


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4 responses to “You Must Remember This…

  1. YES Niles and Daphne – that was epic when they finally got together!


  2. Hope you feel better! I was just replying on Ronovan Writes about the movie by John Wayne that you posted. A great movie, that is for sure!! Chicken noodle soup and hot tea…always works.


  3. Romance is the best.

    Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be forced and trite. It’s what you make it! 😀

    Niles and Daphne. Oouf! My heart. 🙂

    Great post.


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