Making Your Own Ebook – Part Ten – Metadata, Your Digital Book “Cover”

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

In the Digital world, your book’s Metadata may be the only way that customers will ever find your book! When a customer types search words into a search engine, and some of those words match your Metadata, your book will appear in the search results.

Metadata provides the trail that leads the customer to your book and is a vital tool for all independent authors and publishers. It is one of those things that few authors take the time to focus on. It gets forgotten about and it is only when prompted, by Amazon or Smashwords, when the book is being uploaded, that we quickly throw together the information that they ask for. Often just the bare minimum of data is entered but the “bare minimum” will not get your book noticed. If you spend a little more time / thought on what goes into your book’s Metadata it…

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