Why Exclusivity is Bad (Unless You’re Amazon)

I have got a few e-books in Kindle Unlimited – but way more – (like about forty e-books) – that are available through Kobo, Nook, Apple, Smashwords, Tolino and several other markets – as WELL as Kindle.

Kobo Writing Life

We recently read, with significant interest, a series of articles that author Nick Stephenson began posting regarding experiments in pulling titles out of KDP Select (a program that Amazon runs which encourages authors to publish their titles to Kindle and make them unavailable anywhere else, whether that’s another retailer or selling directly from the author’s own website)

In a post entitled Income Report: Why Exclusivity is Bad (Unless You’re Amazon), Stephenson talks about how exclusivity can be a good thing, but then outlines an imaginary conversation between a breakfast cereal manufacturer and Walmart, in order to illustrate whether or not the supplier is getting a fair wholesale price and actual tangible benefits.

He goes on to make a few conclusions regarding going all in with a single retailer (we’ve captured some highlights below):

The bottom line: exclusivity is a terrible idea if you’re not getting anything in return for…

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