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The Cost of Self-Publishing

First off, I operate  my self-publishing business on a deep discount budget that would make Loblaws-shilling William Shatner look like a piker.

I make my own covers or use a Fiverr cover service. I do my own formatting. I do my own promotion. I do my own editing.

I am NOT saying this is the best way to do it. I truly WISH I could afford an editor – but budgetary constraints are a reality in my world.

So I was pretty interesting in reading these two separate versions of the very same story – how much does it COST to produce a self-published novel?

Take a look for yourself.

Lisa Medley, Missouri indie author, has this to say about how much it costs.

Ben Reeder, Missouri indie author, has this to say in reply.

As for myself – well, I spent absolutely NOTHING on the creation of my latest e-book, Tales From The Tangled Wood: Six Stories to SERIOUSLY Creep You Out.

Tangled WoodYou like that?

I am kind of pleased with how it turned out. I have moved a few copies through Kindle Unlimited so far, but I am saving my big push for next month. On February 5th – 7th the book will be available as a freebie on Kindle. If you are a member of Kindle Unlimited please free to grab a copy today – or, if you are a member of the work-a-day crowd, like myself – wait until that first week of February and grab a copy.

Just do me a favor and put it on your Amazon Wish List right now, so that Amazon will e-mail you a note to let you know when you grab it for free. Memory is such a trifler. Do not take a chance on missing your opportunity.

I am just putting together a collection of Weird Western stories that should be available around that same time – and I spent a whole five dollars on the cover for that one already. That’s right. Steve Vernon spares NO expense.


Seriously, I am always much happier when I can afford a cover artist to do up a proper cover – such as the cover that KERI KNUTSON put together for UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP: FROM EDEN TO THE ARK.

Uncle Bob's Red Flannel Bible Camp - From Eden to the ArkLike that?

You can see the difference that hiring an experienced cover artist can make in an e-book release.

UNCLE BOB moved almost FIVE HUNDRED free copies yesterday, and has gone on to sell a few more paid copies today.

A good cover makes a lot of difference.

SO…if you ARE just getting into indie e-publishing you REALLY ought too budget a little for covers, promoting and investing in an editor’s services.

And if you DO NOT think you need to hire an editor why don’t you read this whole blog entry again and tell me where I made my last spelling mistake?

So, all of you writer-types out there – how much do you budget for the release of an e-book?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon