Wanna swap book reviews?

I am ALWAYS looking for more reviews but I am afraid I feel the very same way about review swapping. No, no I do NOT want to swap book reviews, thank you very much!

lisa maliga

By Lisa Maliga, copyright 2015

I’ve never been sought after as a book reviewer until I began posting on some Facebook book promotion groups. I’ve written book reviews in the past, but I don’t mention that on my website, blog or Facebook page. I also joined some groups where readers gave reviews. Soon I learned that 99% of those readers were also authors who needed their books reviewed. I was sent requests to swap reviews several times a day.

“Hi, are you interested for a review exchange?  My book is FREE on Kindle.”

“Hi Lisa, can we swap for your book? let me know. thanks”

“Hi Lisa, are you up for an honest review exchange? I have downloaded your book  and if you’ll give me a go signal then ill leave a positive review for your book. I have two books for free right now and ill appreciate if you”ll choose one…

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7 responses to “Wanna swap book reviews?

  1. A nightmare request that has also come my way – and inevitably is an danger of going one of two ways – either review truthfully (which can be a disaster if the writing is – erm, not too good) or lie. Niether of these or a good option so I always refuse.


    • I used to review books professionally, back in the day when magazines actually paid for well-written book reviews – and I dreaded those times when a book truly sucked and I had to either NOT review it or try to think of SOMETHING to say that would balance out all of the negative comments. One of the reasons I got ought of the book reviewing business.


  2. Judith,
    Guess you’ve gotten a few requests for review swaps!


    • Oh, yes – the easiest way to politely refuse is always ‘pressure of too much work’ – then breathe a sigh of relief when the excuse is accepted. I always try to give honest reviews to books I’ve read voluntarily – and there are some brilliant writers out there, just waiting patiently to be discovered by readers.


      • Good response. Plus, Amazon’s not too keen on review swapping so there’s always that excuse!
        That’s great that you do find time to read and review the books that you want to — it really does help the author — and many grateful readers!


  3. Steve,
    Thanks so much for sharing my blog post!


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