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Film Versus Book: The Princess Bride

I have seen the movie MANY times – but I have NEVER managed to get around to reading the actual book!

Interview: Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey is ALWAYS worth listening to – even if you have to read what he is saying!


howey, hugh

It was early afternoon last Friday at the office.  I was waiting for information from about four different people (I needed it to continue on a project) that I was sure would arrive later around 4 p.m. as they all left for the weekend.  Then, I’d have the pleasure of staying late and working into the evening.  In my bored state I thought, why not throw up a Hail Mary and see what Hugh Howey is up to, maybe he’ll answer some questions for my readers.  Much to my surprise, I had a response within about two hours that said he’d be delighted and for me to send my questions on over.  I was completely unproductive the rest of the day–doing multiple river dances and whatnot in utter elation–so if I’m jobless before the Thanksgiving holiday I may have to hit him up for a loan.

If you’re unfamiliar with…

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Guest Post: Six science-backed reasons why you should be reading books

As if I ever REALLY needed a real reason to read…

10 Things People Say to Creative Writers (but shouldn’t)

People DO say these things, they REALLY do!

Bound 4 Escape


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