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My First Year as an Indie Author

All right – so I am STILL trying to figure out how to bump up my sales numbers. I will tell you a bit about it soon – as well as telling you how I spent my Christmas and telling you a bit about all of the movies I watched over Christmas – (quite a few) – but for now, why don’t you writer-types see if you can learn something from this guy’s latest blog entry?


Official website of John D. Brown, American author.

via My First Year as an Indie Author.

Exciting tips on how to fail at your New Year’s writing resolutions

Top 13 Horror Movies of 2014

I am a big old fan of good horror movies – and these days they are AWFULLY hard to find.

Hunter Shea

This is the second go around with this post for me. You see, I spent 2 hours this weekend putting together a comprehensive list of my 13 favorite horror flix for 2014. The kicker is that WordPress lost the post entirely. To my credit, I didn’t cry or curse or break anything.

So, here I am again, once bitten, twice shy. My reviews are short and sweet this time around, but you’ll all get the point.

I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to find 13 horror movies worth noting this year. As of July, Oculus was my top pick. Egads! Thankfully, things picked up in the second half and I had a good group to choose from.

So, before WordPress deletes this post and me in the process, on with the show!


Funny, dark, twisted and downright strange at times. Come for…

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