Starting out as an indie author: Where to promote a 99c eBook sale

I have actually been putting a lot more effort into my writing these days rather than my promoting – hence my lack of fresh new blogs – but nevertheless an article like this is ALWAYS welcome reading material for us indie writers.

Ruth Nestvold - Indie Adventures

Starting out as an indie author

In my ongoing attempts to bump my sales again, I tested a 99c sale with Shadow of Stone last week, from Dec. 15-19. In this post, I’d like to share my results, along with the resources I’ve put together, a list of sites where you can have you sale book listed, both free and paid.

First of all, some info on what I did and the results. About ten days before my sale started, I wrote to all the sites below that offer free listings (except the Naughty List, since the book is not romance or erotica). I organized two free listings for specific days, as well as two paid ads, as follows:

Fussy Librarian, 12/16 ($14 for historical fiction)
BKnights, 12/17 ($5.50 – $5.00 + 50c Fiverr fee)
Booklover’s Heaven – 12/18 (Free)
Bestebooksfree – 12/19 (Free)

Before the sale, Shadow of Stone had not sold a copy in…

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