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10 Ways to Thank Your Favorite Indie Author at Christmas or Any Time

All right – so I really ought to get around to putting up a blog entry of my own one of these days soon – instead of relying on so many reblogs.

Why don’t you folks let me know what you like me to talk about it?

Ha – the ultimate cop-out!


1. Mention their name/book when someone asks “What are you reading?”

2. Add their book(s) to Goodreads groups and lists.

3. Buy and give their books as gifts to people on your Christmas list.

4. Request your local library get their books.

5. If children/youth books, tell your child’s teacher/librarian/PTA about the books.

6. Suggest the author/book for your book group.

7. Follow author on Twitter and retweet.

8. Like their author Facebook page and comment occasionally so author knows someone is out there.

9. Write an email to author.

10. Leave a review on Amazon or other site of your choice.

Seriously, these things mean a lot. Thanks for reading!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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