Fair and Honest Marketing Strategies for Indie Authors

I know that I have already sworn to step back from promoting and concentrate more on building up my pulp speed – but some of you writer-types who are still hunting for ways to promote might find something of interest in this blog entry.
I might peek at it too, when I think no one is looking!

Coming of Age Fantasy Author Sever Bronny

I first posted this in Goodreads (twice actually, expanding it the second time). Some of it I posted on kboards too. All in all, I spent way too much time on it, so I might as well post it here–revised and updated–to benefit some of my author friends, especially those starting out.

Book promotion is a tricky thing, and not all of book promotion is actually promoting. Too many authors end up spamming people and (rightly) getting everyone annoyed, not to mention putting self-published authors in a bad light. Hence this list–thought it might help a little. Here are the methods that have worked for some writers, including myself (though mind you I have not tried all of them yet):

– Bookbub ad (you have to apply to get in, and it can be pricey, but has been known to work)

– Netgalley review services (very pricey…

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