How To Be a Writer

One pug’s experience on the road to becoming a writer!

The Strange Stories of Matthew Stott

writer 2

Being an ace, nifty, sexy writer, I have secrets. Secrets to teach eager plebs like YOU. This isn’t me talking down to you, oh no, just acknowledging that I have a duty as a fabulous, talented, humble writer (with tons of sex appeal) to pass on what I have learned to you lesser sorts. YOU’RE WELCOME.

So here’s an absolutely foolproof guide on how to be a writer. Feel free to send me nudey pics by way of thanks.

Step 1: Write. Ideally do a bit of planning before you set off, it’ll help. A lot. Oh I know, I know, you want to ‘find the story’  as you write, or you can’t be done being tied down and restrained by something as boring as a plan. You’re a fearless explorer heading out into uncharted territory with just a laptop, poor social skills and a double-chin for company! My advice…

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