Roadblocks and Why I Prefer to Blog Instead of Writing My Book

I love to write in my blog.

Sometimes I worry that I spend more time here than working on my actual projects. Of course, having just written 50000 words this month I really should beat myself up too hard.

Still, blogging is fun.

How about of any of you writer-types out there?

Do you prefer blogging to writing novels?

Let me hear your words.

In the meantime you might want to check this blog entry out.

Roadblocks and Why I Prefer to Blog Instead of Writing My Book.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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10 responses to “Roadblocks and Why I Prefer to Blog Instead of Writing My Book

  1. i understand this completely. people are always after me to write my stories in a book format, but i prefer the freedom and feedback that come with writing in blog style instead. write in the way you most enjoy it and then it is never work – best, beth


    • Amen, Beth.

      Blogging is a lot like playing on paper. I like to pretend that it’s profound as all get-out – but the fact is all that I am doing is letting my mind play hopscotch with the stones of my thoughts.

      Damn, I’m deep.

      Better blog about this.



      • deep indeed, steve. i love to create collage art with paper, words, pics, and most anything, and i see blogging as just another form of the same thing – mind collage. get on that blog! beth


  2. Blogging, for me, is like shadowboxing. It warms me up for the heavy lifting ahead.


  3. I wrote my novel hoping that readers would be blessed by it. Marketing a book is more difficult that one would imagine. I’m sure you know that. When I started blogging, I had an instant audience, although not an astounding number, but many more than have read my book. I found blogging to be a compelling draw on my time, but somehow, I managed to finish my novel. My blog has not caused its readers to purchase my book, but many do read my blog. Go figure. Ha. Life is funny, but I have to add that I have no plans to write another novel. I may write something else someday, but not today. I just blog. I wish you success in marketing. I applaud your concerted efforts, which very likely will achieve for you its purpose in time. I can’t seem to stay focused on marketing. Maybe that’s my problem. Blessings to you, Steve…


    • Thanks, Carol Ann.

      I don’t really know how many of my blog followers actually go out and buy my books. That’s not necessarily the point of the blog – but any sales are always welcome. I am truly not altruistic.

      I blog mostly for fun and to hear from other folks and to bounce a few ideas about marketing and writing to like-minded readers.

      And – truthfully – I have begun to turn away a little bit from the marketing end of things and point myself more towards the writing end of things. I don’t know if I will sell any more books this way – as opposed to a more marketing-oriented approach – but there is only one way to find out.


  4. When I found a couple of years ago that I could no longer write, the blog was a great help. It’s grown into a once weekly diary and it feels the same as writing.It’s holding me in place. Sometimes I throw an Author Interview in during the week or a special or I may do something on my second website but the main thing is entertainment through the diary now.
    Well done on reaching the NaNoWriMo target.


  5. While I have a couple of ideas for novels, I really haven’t developed them. I’m not even sure whether I want to write a novel or nonfiction. So, while I work on those ideas, I post to the blog every day and enjoy it.


    • That’s the cool thing about being a member of the human race of writers. No matter how fast or how slow we choose to run we always get to chart our own course.

      I’m either deep or my blood sugar is down.


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