What Happens When You Go Viral: On Wanting to Give Up

It’s funny – but I was kicking around this very same thought this morning.

Lily Ellyn

I recently found out that the hit count on my Relevant article back in June was over 1.6 million. The editor told me it was the second-biggest traffic day in the history of their website. That’s mind-boggling to me.

If you had asked me a year ago what I thought it would mean to have a piece get that much exposure, I would have assumed it would be my big break. That it would boost my blog, lead to freelance opportunities, help connect me to the right people. That it would be my open door into the world of professional writing and publishing. That it would bring me validation and satisfaction. It would reassure me that what I’m doing here isn’t pointless and that my story matters.

Do you want to know the truth?

It hasn’t done any of those things. For a few weeks I received a lot of…

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2 responses to “What Happens When You Go Viral: On Wanting to Give Up

  1. Writing is never easy, Steve. I can so relate because lately, I’ve been struggling with writing myself. I hope you find your answers, Steve and let us know how you’re doing. I’ll be thinking about you.


  2. Hey Taylor.

    Actually – what I am thinking about is that I would rather not try so hard to go viral. All of this social action on Facebook and Twitter might be getting in the way of my writing time.


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