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All right.

So you’ve sat down and typed up several awesome and truly inspiring blog entries. We are talking about the wisdom of the ages – soul stirring stuff that Plato himself wishes he had thunk up.

By God, you tell yourself – but I am freaking brilliant.

Cue the tumbleweeds.

Harken to them crickets squeaking on their finest fiddling legs?

You dropped a pebble down the well of infinity and it is still falling.

Your brilliance will go unnoticed if no one notices your blog.


So, let me give you a few hints, pilgrim.

1. Comment on other blogs and TRY to sound as if you actually have something interesting to stay. Do NOT stick your foot in your mouth. Nothing tastes worst than day-old toe jam mingled with your fillings.

2. Make guest blog appearances and reciprocate if possible. Each blog entry is like a stone thrown into a pond. Makes ripples that reach out and touch other folks. You throw a rock in somebody’s blog-pond and then they throw a rock into your blog-pond there is no telling how big those ripples might get. We are talking an entire tsunami of exposure.

Ripples in water

3. WATCH YOUR TITLES! Don’t just title your blog entry something dull and uninspiring like “Blog Entry #21”. If you want to catch those random drive-by blog hits you want a title that is going to catch the attention of somebody doing a blog search. You also want a title that SOUNDS sexy and useful – like TWENTY-FIVE TIPS TO GETTING YOUR BLOG NOTICED!

I guarantee that title would get noticed!

Too bad that I could only think of three tips.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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