!! 200th Review Giveaway !!

I was going to say something nice about that mackerel tabby cat – but my cat has FORBIDDEN me to say ANYTHING about ANY of the other cats on the internet. In fact, she tells me that there are no other cats on the internet. In fact there isn’t even an internet and the only web worth talking about are those cobwebs that she keeps nibbling on in the corners of the under-bed-world.

Here’s a pretty cool giveaway. Check it out and check out this reviewer’s blog! 🙂

No Pen Intended

To celebrate 200 reviews’ worth of you all putting up with the haphazardly scheduled posting of my office supply opinions, I’m doing a giveaway! I’ve been amassing this horde for several years, of the choicest goods I’ve ever found on clearance. Mostly from Target, but not all.

That Leuchtturm was an especially good find. Mine has served me well all year.

The goods include:

  • Ruled Leuchtturm 1917 Medium Notebook, Black
  • 2 Moleskine Extra Small Ruled Notebooks, Green and Purple
  • Some Random Turquoise Pocket Notebook from Staples
  • One 0.5mm Uni Kuru Toga with extra lead and extra erasers
  • One 0.7mm Uni Signo 207 Premier Black Gel Pen
  • Pentel Hybrid Technica Set (0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm)
  • One Wonderland Paperchase Cartridge Fountain Pen, with cartridges
  • 4 Sharpie Pens, assorted colors
  • 3-pack of Pentel Hi-Polymer Erasers
  • Set of Assorted Scented Holiday Pencils

And I may throw in some other Pentel pens and/or pencils…

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